Sand in Roswell

Masonry Sand Roswell

What Type of Sand Do I Need?

When choosing masonry sand for your project, it is important to consider the type of project you are working on. If you are using masonry sand as a base layer for pavers or bricks, you will want to choose a sand that is fine and free of debris. If you are using washed sand to make concrete, you will want to choose a sand that is coarser. Pit run sand is commonly used for dirt roads and the larger, gravelly texture provides traction for vehicles. The type of sand you choose should also be based on the climate in Roswell. Sand that is too fine can wash away in areas with high rainfall,  while sand that is too coarse can be difficult to work with in dry conditions.


Various Types Of Sand For Sale in Roswell

Whether you need masonry, washed, or pit run sand for your project–be it a backyard sandbox, or a major construction effort–it can be provided by Roswell sand wholesaler Chance Materials. If you have a need for masonry sand, please feel free to contact us today, so we can get the ball rolling on your next big thing!